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The Best Supply Store for Janitorial, Carpet Cleaning, and Disaster Restoration Products


There are actually a lot of cleaning companies that provide their clients with cleaning services for their residential and commercial properties. It is also very common for the providers of commercial and residential cleaning services to find the best seller and suppliers of the cleaning products and equipment. One of the best supply stores of cleaning equipment and products is actually located in the US state of Florida, and most of their clients aside from the commercial and residential cleaning companies, including building service contractors, janitorial professionals, carpet cleaning professionals, abatement contractors, disaster restoration contractors, as well as, in-house service providers. This particular janitorial supply store is providing their clients with janitorial products, chemicals, and equipment; disaster restoration supplies, equipment and chemicals; tile and carpet cleaning equipment, supplies, and chemicals; and new and used truck mount systems with accessories. Some of the common cleaning equipment that they are selling and offering to their clients include automatic floor sweepers, floor buffers, rider automatic floor scrubbers, sprayers and spray bottles, vacuums, maid carts and organizers, pressure washing, floor burnishers, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, odor control equipment, mobile heaters, flood extraction tools, air scrubbers, grout and tile cleaning equipment, hoses and hose accessories, stair tools, portable carpet extractors, walk-behind extractors, as well as, the already used or pre-owned equipment. This particular company has already proven their ability in the cleaning industry, and they have already built a long and lasting relationship with the manufacturers of the cleaning products, and their clients or customers.


The term truck mount system is actually referring to the truck mount carpet cleaner that is commonly being mounted on the floor of a trailer or a van, and it actually contains upholstery and carpet cleaning unit. The basic cleaning method for the carpet that is being used by the truck mount system is basically the HWE, which stands for hot water extraction.  Be sure to check out this website at https://www.britannica.com/technology/dry-cleaning for more info about cleaning.


The truck mount carpet cleaner works with an operator parking the van near the premises of the building of their clients, and then they would connect the solution line, as well as, the vacuum hose into the machine. Lastly, they would bring the vacuum hoses inside the building and also connect the wand for carpet cleaning to the end of the hoses. Some of the main components of a truck mount carpet cleaner includes a waste tank, a vacuum hose, a water box or mixer tank, a magnetic water softener, a diesel or petrol-fueled engine, a power take-off unit or PTO unit, a vacuum blower, a high-pressure water pump, and a chemical injection system. Be sure to see more here!